Private Classes / Yksityistunnit

Private classes for all levels. Teaching material, learning goals and style of classes will always be determined in discussion together with the student. It is highly recommended to take multiple classes as that way both the teacher and the student can have a change to get to know each other and explore the deeper learning goals.

Examples of items in private syllabus: oriental dance technique, general dance technique for oriental dance, polishing performances for stage, improvisation, expression, music analysis, choreographing, any especially requested technique etc. It is recommended to set some goals for the classes in advance but the syllabus may and will change according to progress as agreed upon.

For questions and inquiries please contact Saara: / +358 41 5368701

Private classes will be scheduled according to the student’s and the teacher’s calendars. The classes are held in Töölön Kisahalli, Studio Sfinksi (10-20e/h) or in some other place agreed upon. The private class prices below do not include studio fees. Basic fees:

1 x 60 min: 70e
5 x 60 min: 210e

1 x 90 min: 105e
5 x 90 min: 280e
10 x 90 min: 420e

All classes in the set have to be used during the same semester. Class sets of other lengths are entirely possible.

Note: Only a limited amount of private students can be scheduled for each semester so please reserve your place well in advance.

Private classes for more than one student are also possible if agreed upon. Prices for 10 x 90 min sets not including studio fees are:

620e / 2 persons
870e / 3 persons
1500e / groups of 4 or larger

Choreography: Choreographies for soloists or groups in oriental style/ oriental fusion/ modern oriental/ experimental oriental. Music provided by the dancers themselves can be any style. Price determined case by case.

Choreography can also be successfully worked on during the private classes, the student having either only some vague idea or even an almost finished choreography only to be polished. When choreography is made in class with or for the student there is no extra charge for the choreography. This may include tutoring for choreographing.

Please note: Dancers are highly recommended to ensure that they are covered by their own insurance. Students are not insured by the teacher. Registration is binding, classes can be cancelled only if a medical certificate is presented.

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